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centrifuge Filter Bags

The most common applications for centrifuge bags are the clarification of liquids with high solid concentrations and the removal of solids from liquids. Low moisture in released materials is a well-known feature of centrifuge bags. Centrifuges can handle modest to high loads because they are available in a range of sizes. Cake filtration in the pharmaceutical, chemical, agricultural, and processing industries is frequently done using centrifuge Filter Bags. Centrifugal Filter Bags are made to extract small particles from liquids and have a high dirt retention capacity by forcing a filter cake onto their surface.

Fbd Filter Bags

When your input is in granular or crystal form and your end output is in powder form, the Fluid Bed Dryer (FBD) is employed under the system of Heat transfer by forced convection. In order to maintain the solids bed in a fluidized state throughout the operation, drying gas is pumped through it at a speed that encourages rapid heat transfer. You get good results from your FBD machine when using our Filter Bags. A FBD filter bag comes in a variety of sizes that suit equipment well and are composed of top-notch materials. Our FDB Filter Bags are inexpensive to use and frequently meet the highest international quality standards since they are made to the necessary specifications.


We provide a wide range of dust Filter Bags that are made from strong, high-performance woven and non-woven materials. The grade of a fabric changes depending on its use and safety. We are able to provide dust Filter Bags for various sorts of bag houses, including reverse air, pulse jet, and mechanical shakers, thanks to our extensive experience in the filtration industry. On imported, high-tech machinery, we produce many varieties of dust Filter Bags. Because the seams on dust Filter Bags are sewed after the fabric has been precisely cut using thermo cutters and high-temperature resistant thread, they are extremely strong and leak-proof.


Woven belts and fabrics for air slides SUITA brand high tensile strength air slide fabric is a belt fabric primarily used for pneumatic transmission of cement, bauxite, carbon black, gypsum, flour, etc., as well as being equipped with a fluid bed and powder mixing tank. Its unique and controllable air permeability can help to improve the convey efficiency while at the same time reducing pollution and ensuring the uniformity of the mixed powders. Suita Filtech has so far supplied these fabrics to metal works, manufacturing facilities for building materials, chemical plants, power plants, food processing sectors, and the transportation sector, among other places, always maintaining a perfect performance.

Nitrile Rubber

A synthetic rubber made from acrylonitrile (ACN) and butadiene, nitrile rubber is also known as nitrile butadiene rubber, NBR, Buna-N, and acrylonitrile butadiene rubber. NBR is used in the automotive and aerospace industries to create fuel and oil handling hoses, seals, grommets, and self-sealing fuel tanks. It is used to create protective gloves for the nuclear sector. NBR is a great material for aeronautical applications because of its stability at high temperatures between 40 and 108 °C (40 and 226 °F).

Nutsche Filter Bag

For all varieties of Nutsche Filters, A K Envirocare manufactures Nutsche Filter Bags and Sheets. The agitated Nutsche Filter Bags have a flat bottom that is welded to a cylindrical shell with a top dish. Supports that are welded beneath the base plate reinforce it. The base plate is equipped with a bolt-on bar system to hold the filter cloth. Filter cloth has a suitable support mesh underneath it to help the filtrate flow.

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