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Filter Cartridge

PP Spun

Filaments used in PP Spun Bonded Filter Cartridges are entirely comprised of polypropylene. By meticulously spinning the fibres together, a true gradient density has been created from the outer to the interior surface. There are versions of Filter Cartridges with and without cores. Unfiltered fluid flows through a depth filter matrix, allowing for the gradual retention of smaller particles. This results in a filter that is very effective, has a high level of dirt retention, and has a long filter life.

pp wound

The dense design is strengthened with PP-wrapped cartridges, which offer a high flow rate, a minimal pressure drop, and great dirt holding capacity. In many industrial processes, including pre-RO filtering, food and beverage processing, chemical filter solutions, waste water treatment, petrochemical processes, etc., PP string wound filters are effective. Sand, silt, rust, and scale particles are examples of fine sediment that can be reduced economically using PP string wound cartridges.

pp pleated

These Filter Cartridges are made entirely of strong polypropylene, as is the cage. They are employed in a number of demanding process industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, air, gas, and others. These are intended to provide filtering with high efficiency and purity. These cartridges, which are made of polypropylene microfiber media, are excellent for use as membrane pre-filters or as a less expensive alternative to membrane filtration. Due to its broad range of compatibility, polypropylene is appropriate for a variety of applications.

ptfe Filter Cartridge

Polytetrafluoroethylene is the material used to make PTFE cartridges. PTFE has a high level of chemical inertness. These are specialised for liquid, air, and gas stream sterility filtration applications. They have been extensively validated to pharmaceutical standards, are certified, biosafe, and non-pyrogenic. According to F.D.A., USP, and EEC criteria for pharmaceutical and food contact usages, the two unique materials employed in cartridge manufacturing—PTFE and polypropylene—are chemically inert, non-shedding, and biologically safe. Strong acids, base solutions, solvents, and other extremely corrosive liquids are filtered using a PTFE cartridge membrane.

white sintered ss Filter Cartridge

High-quality particle removal in process steam is provided by SS sintered filters, together with high flow rates and dirt holding capacities, resulting in long system lifetimes and cost-effective operation. Fine stainless steel powder is sintered to create cylindrical filters, which are how SS sintered filters are manufactured. SS Filters have a very fine micron and are suited for a variety of operations. They are used for air (and gas) and liquid filtration. Depending on the type of pollution, SS sintered elements can be cleaned using an ultrasonic bath, clean water, or even the air.

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