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Air Handling Unit

PRE Filter

A pre-filter is a filtering tool that gets rid of large airborne particles including dust, hair, insects, pollen, and different fibres before they get to the main filter. Pre-filter-equipped air purification equipment is utilised in public spaces, transportation, buildings, and numerous workplaces. Pre-filters are also used in respirators. Pre-filters shield the primary filter from particles that could clog or harm it in addition to serving as an extra line of defence against airborne particulate matter. Pre-filters reduce costs by extending the lifespan of the more expensive primary filters.

Riser Filter

In order to maintain a perfect laminar flow, return air risers, which are more technically called as such, are employed to collect the return air in a specified way. Return air is produced in a factory in accordance with the specifications of the design. For better aesthetics, they are made of GI/SS or anodized aluminium and then powder coated.

Cassette Filter

Multiple layers of mesh trap and discard leftover smoke while retaining grease and oil particles from the smoke. Grease and oil particles clogging mesh holes cause a loss in suction power. The Cassette Filter is made of aluminium or stainless steel. Comparatively speaking, stainless steel Cassette Filters are slightly more expensive than aluminium filters. However, stainless steel is heavier and a little more difficult to handle, but cleaning is extremely simple. In contrast, aluminium Cassette Filters are lighter, easier to handle, but require thorough cleaning. Cleaning the chimney is possible with baking soda and dishwashing liquid. One wash each week is required. Mesh or Cassette Filters are inappropriate for us given our traditional Indian cooking methods.

Main Filter

By regularly removing impurities from the hydraulic oil, major filters are part of hydraulic systems. The hydraulic fluid will be cleaned throughout this procedure, and the system will be shielded from harm caused by the particle content. The hydraulic system's main filters are placed at various points to stop pollutant particles from entering the system.

HEPA filter

An example of a mechanical air filter with pleats is HEPA. It stands for "high efficiency particle air filteris HEPA. It stands for "high efficiency particle air filter." Theoretically, this kind of air filter can eliminate 99.97% or more of dust, pollen, mould, germs, and any other airborne particles smaller than 0.3 microns (m). The worst-case scenario is addressed with the diameter specification of 0.3 microns, the most invasive particle size (MPPS). even more effectively when larger or smaller particles are trapped. The efficiency rating is calculated using the worst-case particle size, which is 99.97% or higher for all particle sizes.

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